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Colm McCarthy

'It is legitimate to consider the Brexit saga as a series of events which need not have happened at all.' Photo: Jonathan Brady/PA

Only 34 politicians in Leinster House used the Oireachtas printing service to print cards and calendars for constituents this year. Stock: Getty

'Since the TV licence fee had become almost like a poll tax — virtually every household is liable for €160 per annum — it was always a regressive tax' (stock photo) Opinion

'The new dispensation will not be the New Jerusalem promised by Brexiteers, never plausible under any likely form of Brexit, but could instead become a Gethsemane of unending, fractious disputes with the UK's neighbours about the new economic relationship.' Opinion

Into the abyss ... David Cameron only had one strategy with the Brexit referendum - to win it Gallery

Theresa May. Photo: Getty Images Opinion

'The sterling exchange rate slipped quickly in the weeks following the 2016 referendum, which meant an upward revaluation of the euro and a hit to competitiveness here.' Stock photo: Depositphotos Opinion

'If Johnson proceeds with the no-deal crash-out, for which no democratic mandate was given or sought, a hard border in Ireland is unavoidable' Opinion

CHIEF BREXITEER: Boris Johnson is ignoring the realities of Brexit

'There will be another downturn in due course and with 100pc certainty, according to Conor O'Kelly, chief executive of the National Treasury Management Agency in evidence at the Dail Committee of Public Accounts a fortnight ago.' (stock image) Opinion

PRICE: Aviation fuel costs airlines only 60 or 70 cent a litre. Stock picture

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