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Colm McCarthy

'Iceland welcomes visitors but tests on arrival (sets you back €100), requires self-isolation for a day in a hotel where the result is delivered, and quarantine is compulsory if the test is positive.'

'It is far too early to draw conclusions but the success of public health measures in controlling the pandemic is reflected in economic costs' Stock Image

JUST THE TICKET: Economist and columnist David McWilliams backs repricing the entire debt structure

'The emissions associated with the consumption of oil from Saudi Arabia get measured in Ireland and are not counted as part of Saudi emissions.  But if Irish butter ends up in Saudi supermarkets, the emissions also get counted in Ireland. ”.' Opinion

TROUBLE AHEAD: ECB chief Mario Draghi must move quickly to shore up economies across the Eurozone

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INVESTMENT: Anne Graham of the NTA at the Bus Connects announcement last week

UPBEAT: Conor O’Kelly, head of the National Treasury Management Agency, speaking at a conference last week. Photo: Conor McCabe Photography

Dublin is not the only city in the world to have inflicted unaffordable housing on its citizens, with the by-products of generational inequity and a new social stratification

'Opponents of affordable housing have enjoyed considerable success in Dublin and surrounding counties, as well as in Cork and some other cities.' (stock image)

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