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Ciara Kelly

"Mother’s Day becomes complex for all of us eventually, because none of us have our mums forever."

"I’m lucky enough to have health insurance and I was remarking that I was surprised that, even privately, there was still a waiting list of months for a scan." Stock image

"We seem determined to underestimate kids’ abilities and refuse to encourage them to reach their actual potential"

Gwyneth Paltrow at the Golden Globes "Basically, people saying that Gwyneth Paltrow, JLo and Jennifer Aniston are not role models for positive ageing and looking good as you get older — that they are peddling a lie that you can look 30 at 50, and that outwards signs of ageing like going grey and getting wrinkly are somehow failings."

"They are usually posted by influencers with abs like a head of broccoli and limbs like ropes. The subtext being: you too can look like me if you do this simple three-minute routine and drink more water." Stock image

" When I was younger, I marched for various things — against the invasion of Iraq and the Eighth Amendment. I rowed with people online whose politics I disagreed with strongly, and I felt genuine passion about many issues." Stock image

"A week out from Christmas — the original “No room at the inn” story — we need to have a conversation about immigration."

"The All England Club’s Chief Executive said: 'We’re committed to supporting the players and listening to their feedback.' You’d almost think periods were a new phenomenon that female players haven’t, in fact, spent decades worrying and fretting about during the tournament."

"I suspect most families have Christmas traditions. Find something that works, then rinse and repeat." Stock image.

"It’s Thanksgiving on Thursday — do you note it in any way?"

"Thousands of lives have intersected with O’Connell Street in ways small and big. It is our Champs-Élysées."

"I know that the arts are perhaps what elevate us and differentiate us from our baser instincts. I could, however, probably stare at a painting all day and never be moved by it in the way music moves me." Stock image

"I generally know if I’ve seen someone before, although I may not know where. But I’m truly terrible at names." Stock image.

Supporters of author Salman Rushdie attend a reading and rally to show solidarity for free expression at the New York Public Library in New York on August 19, 2022. Picture by REUTERS/Brendan McDermid

"This is my fourth home as an adult. All of them we tried to restore to what they might have been in their heyday, but I suppose with a modern twist. ‘Putting our own stamp on it’ in estate-agent speak." Stock image.

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