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Carol Hunt

'She sang, played, drew and cooked with them, with great enthusiasm and genuine love. And boy, did she love to cook.'

On the canvass: Carol on the campaign trail, minus children, during the General Election Photo: Justin Farrelly


Mother Teresa. Phot: AP

NOT DONE YET: ‘In 10 years I will look back and wonder what the hell I was talking about,’ says Carol

An insecure world: Claire Danes as Carrie Mathison in 'Homeland', a series in which its characters seem to understand Isil more than those who should be leading a campaign against the terrorist threat

Rip off: Minister Pachal Donohue has already warned against a return to rip-off Ireland. If we want to continue to attract tourists, we need to cop ourselves on

Divided: Protesters (not residents) Stephen, Mark, Kim and Susan, who are in favour of the Travellers moving to the new location, demonstrate at the entrance to the proposed site at Rockville Drive in Carrickmines, Dublin.

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