Saturday 18 August 2018

Michael Noonan presents Budget 2015. This year’s version is back to that ‘dratted fiscal space’

Even a generous Budget may not be enough for this Dáil 

THIS will be a Budget like no other - irrespective of who gets it through, or when exactly. Not even 1981-82, when there were three Budgets, from different governments, will quite compare. It is all about politics, then and now. The minority administrations of Charles Haughey and Garrett FitzGerald failed in efforts to get TDs who were not in the government to support their Budgets. Now, the efforts concentrate on Independents who are inside the Cabinet tent.

Photo: PA

Beware the election promises that could bankrupt the nation 

Watched any 'EastEnders' recently? Everyone on the Square now seems to be a murderer, rapist, thief, adulterer or spouse-beater. So much so that there is talk of bringing the whole 30-year farrago to a close. The reason is simple enough. When a soap opera has been running for decades, the scripts have to become ever more dramatic to maintain audience interest - or perhaps even scriptwriter interest. Something similar seems to be happening to Irish election campaigns.