Wednesday 17 January 2018

The classic LBD

My new year Fashion Resolutions 

I'm not waiting for the arrival of spring to do a clear-out of my wardrobe and that's because I've style plans for 2018. I'm like a grammar teacher on a mission: I want to dispatch unnecessary, overembellished adjectives (accessories) to the black sack and charity shop, free up the closet of blatant literals (bad buys) and get my head firmly around that old chestnut of 'affect' and 'effect', which in fashion terms boils down to 'does my bum look big in this?' or, worse again, 'mutton dressed as lamb'.

Nuala Carey, Lorraine Keane Devlin and Oonagh O'Hagan

Bairbre Power... Out and about 

No one can accuse Lorraine Keane Devlin of letting the grass grow under her feet in 2017. She was spectacularly busy on the social front, and she popped up again before Christmas at the InterContinental Dublin. There she spoke about her trip to Tanzania, where she visited women's projects with aid organisation World Vision. She was joined by Game of Thrones actor Liam Cunningham, who was just off the set to talk about his experiences with refugees in Uganda and Jordan.

That’s magic: Debbie McGee on Strictly. Photo: PA

Music and dancing are therapy in themselves — that’s why I’ve taken to dancing on the living room couch while watching ‘Strictly’ 

My kids used to remonstrate with me about dancing in the car as I drove them places. "Mum, you are embarrassing us," they'd whine, voicing their opposition to my love of rock 'n' roll. You must understand, I was not so much dancing with my feet, but with my shoulders, the odd hand movement a la the three backing singers with their 'Doo wop a lop bop' and 'Sha na na na'. To this...

Bairbre Power. Photo: Kieran Harnett

Bairbre Power: I’ve started on the road to liberation after ditching most of my prejudices... and my car 

One of the biggest midlife surprises I'm having to come to terms with is how strongly held views and beliefs are now being thrown to the wind. I may have gained a waist but I'm shedding a lot of prejudices that I've harboured for years. It's one thing admitting you were wrong, but wrong for decades? That's a lot of mental recalibrating but I'm on the road to liberation thanks to plenty of...

Bairbre Power. Photo: Kieran Harnett

Bairbre Power: My best cinema memories include the night a pigeon swooped down and pooed on our heads during Love Actually 

Saturdays are for long walks, cleaning the house and a leisurely stop at the 250 Square cafe in Rathmines where Romy, the Yorkie, likes to sunbathe on the window-sill while I enjoy a mocha. On our way home last week, we wandered by the newly refurbished Stella cinema, in all of its gorgeous art deco finery. I smiled as I remembered all the movies I'd seen there over the years and how...

Paul Costelloe Living Studio silk leopard pussy-bow blouse, €90; leather skirt, €150, both available now, exclusive to Dunnes Stores

Creatures of Comfort - the latest Paul Costelloe Living Studio collection 

Paul Costelloe is all about long- evity, and I'm not just talking about his five decades on the international fashion scene. Tailoring is his distinctive handwriting and, in a world of fast fashion, Costelloe still honours 'the cut' - but also ramps up the 'comfort' factor. This twin focus is especially visible in his latest collection for Dunnes Stores, which caters for the woman who wants hero pieces such as a great winter coat or luxury separates, mixed with other, more affordable brands, for an individual look.

Eadach 'Queen Medb' oversized silk scarf €210, Model wears: 'Pirate Queen Sunset' silk dress, €600, Brown Thomas Create, Cork from September 10. Top right: 'Banshee Dark Rose' oversized silk scarf, €210, Pho

Bairbre Power: Irish brands to love in AW17 

I am now officially into my 'big scarf phase', which is why I'm so taken with Sara O'Neill's Eadach brand. Her 'Pirate Queen Sunset' silk dress pictured here (right) costs €600 and will be available to buy at Brown Thomas Create in Cork, which opens on September 10 at the Patrick Street store. Also available will be the red 'Children of Lir' long silk dress, €600, while her 'Queen Medb' oversized silk scarf and the 'Banshee Dark Rose' silk scarf are both €210 from