Friday 19 July 2019

Lucie and Joe on Love Island. PIC: ITV2

Aoife Kelly: Love Island is starting to make for uncomfortable viewing 

In an early episode of Charlie Brooker's dystopian sci-fi series 'Black Mirror' a woman battles for survival in a town where she is pursued by a gang intent on killing her, as members of the public record her every move on their mobile phones. It turns out she is a contestant on a reality show and, having commit a heinous crime, has been sentenced to spend every day waking up to the same nightmare, for the entertainment of the masses.

Adam Fogarty aka Mathman

'There was a stigma attached to rapping in your Irish accent - but now Ireland is ready' - MathMan on the explosion in Irish urban music 

In the two decades since Dublin artist Adam Fogarty, aka MathMan, first arrived on the burgeoning urban music scene in Ireland, a hell of a lot has changed. At the time he and his fellow renegade Irish hip hop artists were ridiculed for rapping in their own accents. In recent years, however, Irish urban music in all its guises is thriving with names like Rejjie Snow, Kojaque, Jafaris, Soulé, Erica...