Monday 15 October 2018

I'll vote No and my song shows why

Songwriter Johnny Duhan, who penned well-known tune 'The Voyage', has written a song that celebrates the miracle of life

Johnny Duhan
Johnny Duhan

Johnny Duhan

What started me writing my new song, Could Have Been Me, was a moving account in a LoveBoth leaflet by a French student. Victoria expressed gratitude that her mother, who was a just a teenager at the time, had withstood pressure to abort her. A single line from her survival story haunted me for days: "I've come to view each baby as unique and irreplaceable."

The more I thought on this obvious but neglected fact, the more I was driven to pick up my instruments of composition and start straining for musical and poetic inspiration to put form to my feelings on a subject that had me in its grip.

To start, I watched a YouTube video of a recent abortion operation (something I wouldn't recommend to the fainthearted) and formulated an opening verse based on the clinical procedure of fetal termination that pertains today, followed by a chorus based on general abortion survival stories that I read up on.

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