Tuesday 22 October 2019

Ian O'Doherty: Bigmouth strikes again: Morrissey finds himself on the naughty step


Like many people of my generation, The Smiths, along with REM and The Wedding Present, formed the soundtrack to my youth.

Morrissey could do no wrong, Johnny Marr's intro to 'How Soon is Now' is still one of the greatest guitar riffs in modern music and I loved them with all the passion a teenage music fanatic can muster.

As we all know, that's a lot of passion.

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I still love them and rarely a month goes by without me rooting out The Queen is Dead or some of his solo work, which is criminally underrated.

But Morrissey is now on the naughty step because of his 'problematic' views on everything from Brexit to immigration to Israel. His latest album, California Son, has been removed from some record stores in the UK but even better, his posters have been removed from bus stops.

One idiot complained to Mersey Rail that "Morrissey's opinions offend me and a lot of other people" - so all graven images were immediately removed.

The album has been greeted with despair by middle-aged bores who now apparently want all their music to come with a certificate proving they have passed a morality test and the whole palaver is a perfect example of how politics, all politics, is the enemy of art.

As the great man put it: "We are living through The Age of Stupid. We must pray that it passes soon. I'm only surprised that Mary Whitehouse isn't on the ten pound note. But, no, I'm not going to go into combat with Mersey Rail... could life get any more mediocre?"

Well, they could, I suppose.

Imagine being so mediocre that the greatest moment of your life is getting a transport company to remove a Morrissey poster.

How very rock and roll...

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