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Here comes the new boss, same as the old boss

As much as we have largely shrugged off the shackles of organised religion, we have simply replaced slavish obedience to one organisation for another.

The UN seems to have replaced the Church as the moral arbiter of this country, which is both depressing and infuriating, yet many Irish liberals are as happy to accept every UN edict with the same reverence the faithful once reserved for a papal bull.

This country recently went through its annual humiliation at the hands of this inept and wicked organisation and anyone who has bothered to read the transcripts (I really should get out more often) would have been forgiven for laughing like a hyena before breaking down in tears.

Ireland was given a bollocking by the Committee on Economic, Social and Cultural Rights, which asserted that we should have a referendum on abortion (not that it's any of their business) and we were also pilloried for being too "uni-cultural".

And where did such criticisms come from? Prominent among the committee which wagged their fingers at us were Justice Ariranga Pillay from Mauritius, where it is still a crime to be gay and homophobic violence is rife. Then there was Azzouz Kerdoun from Algeria, who condemned our lack of "multiculturalism".

Yes, Algeria, that renowned bastion of tolerance and civic peace.

What next? Put Saudi Arabia and Iran on the UN Human Rights Council?

Oh wait, that has already happened, so will any Irish politician have the cojones to tell these chancers to sod off?

We can but dream...

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