Sunday 18 November 2018

Going abroad for an abortion nearly killed me. We have to vote Yes

I am not a campaigner, just a young woman from rural Ireland who had no other choice, writes Laura*

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I am 25 and live in rural Leinster with my mum. I love my boyfriend. I never expected to be a 'campaigner'. I'm not. I work as a care assistant.

When I realised I was pregnant last year, I was devastated. I had taken the morning-after pill, but it obviously hadn't worked. Looking at that test, 1-2 weeks pregnant, my boyfriend was silent in shock. We gave ourselves the next two weeks to figure out what to do.

We thought about keeping the baby, about adoption, about abortion. We made a list of pros and cons for each, but the reality was we had no money and we still lived with our parents. If we were going to have a baby, we would want to give it a better life than the one we had now, or even the one we'd each had growing up - which in both our cases had been pretty great. But that's what you want for your child.

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