Thursday 18 January 2018

Getting my body bikini ready for summer

Never underestimate the tempting power of the doughnut
Never underestimate the tempting power of the doughnut
Brendan O'Connor

Brendan O'Connor

The night time, of course, is the killer. You can be reasonably good all day, muesli for breakfast, spicy noodle soup for lunch, and OK, maybe the odd Stinger bar as a snack, or bits of whatever chocolate or crap are going around the office. But still, a reasonably healthy day. And then dinner, and then maybe just one Solero. Did you know by the way, that Soleros are only 94 calories? So maybe have another one. Still not breaking the bank. But then maybe some chocolate, or the odd bag of crisps - a small one, mind you, from a multipack. And maybe some toast then before bed.

So it's like taking it easy all day building a crescendo to a climax of grazing on rubbish in the evening.

Now. Why should I even care about this? I am not a woman. I am not under pressure to get my bikini body in shape for the summer. I am not incredibly unhealthy either. And once I have the right clothes on, you would think I was slim. Because you don't see my curvaceous middle under the right jacket.

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