Tuesday 20 March 2018

George Hook: I need to stay alive for nine more years

He recognises that time is not on his side, but George Hook has a few things he needs to do before he goes - mainly involving his grandchildren

George Hook
George Hook
George Hook

George Hook

I did not have a grandfather. Well, that is not strictly true. I had two grandfathers like everybody else, but they died before I was born. As with many men born in the 19th Century, they did not see their 50th birthday, and my parents would have lost a father when they were still children.

My paternal grandmother I barely knew, because although my father and I would visit her in his sister's home after Mass on Sunday, she died when I was very young.

My mother's mother lived very close to us. In fact, the proverbial stone's throw away. We lived in Albert Road; 'Jewtown' to generations of Corkonians. The two-up, two-down terraced houses had an outside toilet and no running water, save a tap in the yard. My grandmother lived almost immediately behind us. We were in number 79, she was in 88.

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