Monday 24 September 2018

Everyone feels free to mention my weight

I keep a skinny wardrobe and then a fatter one
I keep a skinny wardrobe and then a fatter one
Brendan O'Connor

Brendan O'Connor

People feel free to comment to me about my weight. Anything from, "Jesus, you've lost some ton of weight" (fat guys), to "Don't lose any more weight now" (women of a certain age). I know I should take umbrage in the current climate. But I don't bother. Wouldn't it be worse if they were saying, "Jesus, you've put on some amount of weight", or, "My God man you're enormous". The comments are meant well. They are complimenting me. And the people who don't know aren't up to speed with the latest rules.

Also it's nice that they feel they know me and they can say it. It makes the whole place feel like a village when people feel they can just make these deeply personal comments to you, casually, as they pass you in the street. Some women of a certain age also make saltier comments. I suppose I have an old-fashioned look that some of them like.

And in fairness I've dined out on the weight thing. And here I am bringing it up again. I bring it up again now because right now I feel like a fraud when people tell me how much weight I've lost. Technically, they are correct. Depending on what time scale you are operating off. Over all, in the last decade, I have lost weight. But the last year? Not so much. Right now I'm on an upswing, adding on a bit of weight every month. I'm actually starting to wonder if I will ever be at a steady weight. It seems to me that I am either losing weight or I am putting it on. And right now I'm putting it on.

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