Friday 19 January 2018

You just couldn't make Bertie up

The Sun King himself would probably have gulped if he saw Bertie Ahern's make-up bill. Nothing captures the absurdity of the Celtic Tiger years quite like the former Taoiseach's €250,000 bill for concealer and rouge during his 11 years in office.

While the colossal waste is staggering, the money spent was not entirely wasted because it goes a long way to proving a theory long popular with the male half of the population; that make-up of all kinds is a waste of time.

Bertie Ahern looks more or less the same today when he appears on our screens as he did during the Make-Up Years while Enda Kenny, who has not spent a cent of our money on lipstick, foundation or moisturiser, looks every bit as gorgeous as Mr Ahern despite being a whole six months older.

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