Friday 23 February 2018

Yet another bad week in politics

Amidst the general chill over her pro-life stance, the critical warning in Lucinda Creighton's brave Dail speech – that the history of Irish politics shows that when conscience is coerced the citizens suffer – appears to have been missed. It was certainly ignored by an administration whose actions increasingly bring the poet and Senator William Butler Yeats famous "you have disgraced yourselves again'' speech to mind.

In fairness to the ignoramuses of the new-born Irish State, they only disgraced themselves once every two decades whilst this administration's follies occur on a weekly basis.

The disrespectful self-indulgence displayed by the Taoiseach over the Anglo Tapes, where he prioritised political self-interest over the rights of our citizens to the truth, was bad enough. The acme was surely reached by Mr Noonan, who took time out from his more mundane schedule of issuing polite letters to our banks requesting that they safely store any evidence of wrongdoing, to issue a strange attack on the "mucking about" over the released Anglo Tapes. The Finance Minister's position might have carried weight were it not for the Government's own "mucking about" – for such has been their lethargy, it is more likely we will learn about the truth of the banking crisis under the 30-year release rule for cabinet papers than by any act of this administration.

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