Tuesday 16 July 2019

Westlife finally call it a day

The news that Westlife are to call it a day after 14 years will no doubt come as a great shock to the ageing boyband's legions of fans. The quartet will split "amicably" after completing a farewell tour next year. During their time together the band sold 44 million albums and had 14 number one hits. As band break-ups go this one seems to have been relatively well handled.

Not the usual acrimonious split accompanied by wall-to-wall litigation but a dignified press release thanking their fans and announcing that the band members are looking forward to "new ventures".

That's it lads, don't wear out your welcome and leave the fans wanting more.

Which of course leaves the door open for a reunion a couple of years down the road. Stranger things have happened.

Fellow boyband Take That got back together in 2006 and this week the Stone Roses, who are most definitely not a boyband, announced that they too were getting back together.

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