Monday 23 April 2018

Voters want radical reform

AS they obsess about charades like 'leaders' debates' or 'swings', our political and media elites often appear to believe elections are a treat for themselves which would be utterly wasted by any focus on the desires of the actual voters.

Today's Sunday Independent/MillwardBrown Lansdowne nationwide opinion poll, in contrast, provides us with a clear message from the electorate. It is hardly coincidental that the shocking 95 per cent dissatisfaction rate with the current dying government has been accompanied by an overwhelming rejection of the Croke Park Agreement and a high level of support for compulsory public sector redundancies.

The voters want radical reform of our failed Republic and they want it quickly for they know the old way of doing things is not working. But, paradoxically, we also yearn for some form of stability. The best measure of the despair gripping the country is the fear among an astonishing 55 per cent of the country's 25-34 year olds that they will lose their jobs. And a further 37 per cent are living in real fear of losing their homes.

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