Wednesday 20 November 2019

Time to end mobile menace

WE'VE all witnessed it.

A car whips past on the fast lane of the motorway. The driver, should, you'd imagine, be concentrating on the road ahead.

But too often he (or she) will be distracted, because of a mobile phone call that just can't wait.

The dangers are obvious. Freeing a hand to hold the phone is potentially lethal.

Alternatively, the phone is uneasily lodged in the crook of the neck, a precarious practice, perfected only by the truly arrogant, stupid and irresponsible.

Now it has been announced that the Government plans to introduce stiffer penalties for those who play this game of Russian roulette with our lives and their own.

From next year, according to Minister Leo Varadkar, those caught chatting-and-cruising will be slapped with four penalty points instead of the current two.

This makes perfect sense and is, in fact, overdue. It could even be argued that -- like drink driving -- it should be one strike and you're out.

And there are other very obvious, random and highly irresponsible practices that could be more firmly dealt with too.

How often have you seen a free-standing toddler leaning between the front seats of a moving car?

Can you imagine the destruction to life and limb if it had to suddenly screech to a halt?

This crackdown on mobile phone abuse is very welcome. It is simply time to hang up.

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