Saturday 20 October 2018

Time to call a halt to the lip service behind TG4 'success'

Colum Kenny

Colum Kenny

IS TG4 the best possible cultural value for money? The partly Irish-language station will be 10 years old on October 31 this year. But why do politicians keep sayingthat it is a "success"? What does that mean?

And why are three out of four terrestrial TV channels in the Republic still run by government appointees? Should the large sums spent on TG4 not be awarded independently to the best applicantinterested in providing sucha service?

This summer, TG4 was watched at any given time by fewer than three in every 100 TV viewers, down from its market share earlier in the year. Mind, it did have to compete with the World Cup. In July, its top 10 Irish-language programmes (including Celtic vs Man Utd) were watched on average by 53,000 viewers.

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