Tuesday 12 November 2019

Thinking big on TV3

Since he came here from England to become director of programming at TV3, Ben Frow has done this country a favour. He has built up the station to the point where it ranks as a genuine competitor for RTE.

Admittedly it still has a long way to go before it can imagine itself equalling, never mind overtaking, the Montrose giant. But competition is good for everybody, including RTE.

And Mr Frow dreams of greater things than screening Irish versions of successful British series. He hopes to persuade Anne Doyle to sign for TV3, to present a programme worthy of her talents.

At a time of constraint in all the major media, here and elsewhere, it is particularly pleasing to observe someone "thinking big".

He is, therefore, worth listening to when, in opposition to the popular view, he opposes cuts in the salaries of RTE "stars".

He may have had a close look at Irish begrudgery. It would be hard for anyone in his position not to observe this feature of our lives. And of course he is right when he says that the salaries of Pat Kenny and slightly lesser beings are trifling compared with the millions earned in Britain and the hundreds of millions in the United States.

Next, perhaps, Mr Frow will tell us how much he pays his own presenters. And how much he proposes to offer Ms Doyle.

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