Monday 23 April 2018

The scales of justice must weigh in favour of victims

Have we, as a society, become so inured to violence that it is only when crime reaches a new and abysmal level of thuggery that we sit up and take notice? The news that a seven-man gang broke into a businessman's house and terrorised him, his wife and his three young children is all the more shocking because of the commonplace nature of such crimes in our society today.

We cannot imagine the trauma this family will carry through life as a result of this sudden and callous intrusion into the privacy of their home.

While the garda action in this case has been commendable, one can only wonder at how soon the alleged perpetrators will be back on the streets on the basis that they are 'innocent until proven guilty'. Is it good enough that bail is granted to hardened criminals, or to hear after a serious crime has been committed that 'a file has gone to the DPP'? What consolation is that to the victims of such targeted and wanton violence?

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