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The high cost of e-voting debacle

Yesterday, almost a decade after their only appearance in an Irish general election count, this Government finally announced that it was getting rid of the infamous e-voting machines.

And not before time, not alone did this misguided attempt at being somehow "modern" end up costing the Irish taxpayer €55m, it was of course entirely unnecessary as Irish election counts have always been conducted in a manner that is beyond reproach.

So what can be done with 7,500 barely used e-voting machines that are now surplus to requirements?

Finance Minister Michael Noonan has suggested, not entirely seriously we suspect, that they could become novelty items in Irish-themed pubs around the world.

However, as we report in today's paper, drinkers have their doubts.

We have another suggestion.

With the public finances in such dire straits, not least due to the extravagant pensions being paid to former Taoisigh and ministers, perhaps the Taoiseach and Environment Minister who decided to purchase these machines over a decade ago, Bertie Ahern and Noel Dempsey, could be persuaded to take some of the e-voting machines in lieu of taxpayers' cash?