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The digital revolution now on your doorstep

WE missed out on the first industrial revolution for a variety of social, economic and political reasons, but it seems we are right at the heart of the digital one.

And that is the best place to be.

This week 3,000 delegates from all over the world converged on the capital for the two-day Dublin Web Summit.

Among this young, cyber-savvy swarm were the founders and chief executives of such digital giants as Skype, Mozilla and Pinterest.

These are all heavy-hitters and names to be reckoned with.

Ireland -- and Dublin in particular -- is fast becoming the home of many IT standard-bearers, as well as a fertile breeding ground for many ambitious start-ups.

For all the faults than can be laid at the door of our often profligate and decidedly underwhelming governments, they must be given a modicum of shared credit for the quality of our educational system.

That is why we now find ourselves at the heart of an industry which is now all-encompassing and affects nearly every strand of our daily lives.

True, we have issues with the number of third-level IT graduates we are producing and second-level schools will complain about the availability and standard of computer hardware in their classrooms.

But when a summit, generally regarded as the biggest of its type in Europe and possibly the world, finds its natural home in Dublin, you know that we are at epicentre of the revolution.

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