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The bigger they are...

How the mighty have fallen. Two weeks ago the Murdoch family totally dominated the British media landscape and their News Corp looked set to succeed in its bid for satellite broadcaster BSkyB. Politicians of all parties fawned over News Corp chairman Rupert Murdoch.

As the full extent of the phone hacking scandal became apparent, mounting public anger forced the politicians to run for cover. Wednesday's debate on the House of Commons saw politicians from all parties competing to heap the most ordure on the embattled media mogul.

Now in yet another humiliation, Rupert Murdoch and his son James have been summoned to appear before a parliamentary committee. Having initially claimed to be "too busy" they performed a rapid U-turn and agreed to attend. The sight of politicians, who only a few weeks ago had danced attendance on the Murdochs, grilling them over the phone hacking scandal and other alleged excesses should be compulsive viewing.

Irish Independent