Monday 23 October 2017

Tablets are wonderful things, but does every child need one?

The back-to-school period is an expensive time for parents. Schoolbooks, uniforms and growing 'voluntary' fees put considerable strain on already-pressurised finances. So the last thing parents will want to hear is that they might be paying too much for the iPad that their schools are insisting on.

As we report today, many educational experts are asking why schools are insisting that parents fork out for the most expensive tablet devices, in the form of Apple iPads, rather than cheaper, fully-functional alternative tablets.

The issue affects a growing number of parents, with over 20,000 Irish secondary students set to use digital texts this year. Those using tablets as part of this digital education are overwhelmingly required to use Apple iPads rather than less expensive alternatives. The difference can be up to €200 per device. In families with two or more children attending school at the same time, this is no small sum.

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