Saturday 18 November 2017

Stop hiding the truth from us

IT is impossible not to feel betrayed by last week's carefully choreographed Government announcements. A surrender to the trade unions came hours before the mind-blowing revelation of what it will cost to save our banking system.

The figures involved in the bank rescue are chilling: almost €40bn to keep them in business, and almost €50bn to buy their loans. And what do we get in return? A minority stake in Bank of Ireland, a majority stake in AIB and full control of a toxic bank and a toxic building society.

If the Government thinks that it has escaped unscathed Tuesday's fall-out, it is wrong. Public anger may not be visible on the streets, but it is very real and very deep. The people do not believe that they are being told the whole truth, they see no consequences for the men who brought this country to the brink of default and they cannot comprehend how such an appalling mess was allowed to happen on this -- or any -- government's watch.

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