Friday 19 January 2018

Standing idle as race sweeps past

It is increasingly easy to forget that prior to the recent election the Taoiseach promised he would lead a 'democratic renewal' of the Irish State. There was scant evidence of any 'renewal' last week as Mr Kenny washed his hands of the escalating constitutional debacle the Norris presidential nomination was evolving into, and devolved the issue to his party councillors.

Mr Kenny's decision to stand idly by, for party political reasons, as the shadow of a 'retired' gunman loomed over the Aras, is just the latest example of the difficulty the Taoiseach has in understanding he has a responsibility to fulfil promises made in the fairer territories of opposition. 'Democratic renewal' and this latest display of the politics of the Mayo parish pump are not compatible.

In fairness, our political elites were not the only oligarchy who took such a sanguine view. It was noted on the RTE news last week that the Sunday Independent was 'campaigning' to get David Norris into the presidential race. We are living in curious times when advocacy by newspapers is viewed with such disdain. But apparently in the 'balanced' world of RTE it is a case of heaven indeed forbid we should have campaigning newspapers.

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