Saturday 19 October 2019

Some time out to let us all recharge our batteries again

Sometimes it takes a day or two out of the mad rush of daily life to put matters in perspective.

We should, if at all possible, avail of that opportunity today and tomorrow. Because we have come through an thoroughly awful year and, by all accounts and prognoses, another fairly tough one lies in wait.

It is so easy, because of the non-stop battering of gloom to which we are daily exposed, to lose perspective.

Yes, we are shaken to our core. Yes, we will be working harder for less. Yes, we will feel the pinch at critical junctures when bills for the likes of health, car and house insurance collide.

For those lucky enough to have jobs there is, at least, the incentive of income. For those seeking jobs there is the often heartbreaking challenge of trying to get work. And we know that for many there will be only the option of taking the emigrant ship or plane.

But let us not be too downtrodden by what are the inevitabilities of a recession.

We can talk and think ourselves into a worse state of mind and inaction than already prevails.

We are where we are and, whether we like it or not, have no choice but to deal with it. The critical thing is how we deal with it.

We need political leadership of course.

But we also need to show our leaders we can, and will, respond to any initiative that gets us back on the track. That is why so much rests on the shoulders of our politicians -- of all hues -- who need to realise they have been asked by ordinary people to do something truly positive for the country -- not for the party.

We have had too much of that and it has brought nothing only misery.

They too should use this rest period to look into their hearts and minds.

They too should ask if opposition for the sake of it is in our better interests.

They too should ask if they are truly earning the huge salaries they earn to serve us.

It is so easy for so many of them -- and we see it in the Dail -- to knock. It is far more revealing when they are asked, but fail, to come up with alternatives to some of the gruelling measures introduced by the Government. They would serve us all much better by being constructive.

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