Tuesday 21 November 2017

Slaughter them after Christmas

One of the iron laws of humanity is that we have a tendency to only value something when we lose it. Over the last decade our sovereignty might have slipped away as silently as a neglected marriage, but when the final break came last week, the nation felt an acute sense of pain over the loss of yet another intangible source of national and personal pride.

The public agony was, however, qualified by one surprising element of optimism. It is a measure of the standing of Fianna Fail that the public would prefer the dreaded IMF than the current administration. However, though even the IMF is probably somewhat surprised by the benign response to its arrival, once it has spent a week in this wretched polity, it may be somewhat less puzzled.

The IMF, however, is being welcomed by the Irish people because the voters believe that under its intervention they might get a fair shake. Though we would essentially be a colony, the public believe that the IMF might lead a grand reform of our vested and public sector interests, spark a return to growth -- and that from this we might experience some degree of hope. In contrast, all that the current, almost deranged administration can provide is a sense of despair laced with cynicism.

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