Saturday 16 December 2017

SF vote a mark of our delusion

IT is a measure of how human nature does not change that Yeats's prescient warning in 1914 about how 'in dreams begin responsibility' is still appropriate to our politicians today. It is a lesson a Taoiseach who is far fonder of dreamy rhetoric than hard decisions about the pay scales of advisers would do well to absorb.

But he is not alone for we too have been far too slow to learn that following outwardly soft dreams has hard consequences.

Nothing captures our ongoing capacity for delusion more than the astonishing belief that we are the most sophisticated electorate in Europe. But even as we groom ourselves approvingly every time some victorious politician informs us of this truism, we should actually ask how -- if this really is the case -- we have so consistently elected political rogues and charlatans such as Charles Haughey, Ray Burke and Michael Lowry.

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