Saturday 20 January 2018

RTE must pay the correct price

It would be excessive to say RTE provides us with a case study in Lord Acton's warning that "absolute power corrupts absolutely".

The margin, though, is fine, for something rotten is nestling in an organisation that vilifies powerless citizens so casually and, when caught, apologises so reluctantly. In theory, the station's hubristic claim that it is "very difficult for a rolled head to learn anything'' might be correct but when it comes to bankers, politicians, mandarins and RTE executives, fear of the rolling of heads can be a powerful incentive for good behaviour.

RTE's 'accountability is only for the little people' attitude is certainly about to exact a heavy price on the disgraced station. Though harsh, that is correct, for RTE is not a normal commercial media organisation. It is funded by taxpayers of all political, ideological and religious persuasions and has a statutory responsibility to be objective, impartial and fair.

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