Tuesday 21 November 2017

Ross must act - before 'doddle' turns disaster

Transport Minister Shane Ross. Photo: Douglas O'Connor
Transport Minister Shane Ross. Photo: Douglas O'Connor


The Greeks believed that every citizen should be obliged to watch a play. The reasoning was that it demanded attention, degrees of judgment, patience and all the social virtues. But Irish commuters have been forced to watch something of a farce unfold over the past week, one that was singularly lacking in social virtues.

Transport Minister Shane Ross landed himself in it with a glib remark about his Transport portfolio being a relative "doddle" compared to his travails in handling the sporting side of his brief. Mr Ross will have plenty of time to rue the throwaway remark when, from 9pm tonight until Saturday, the capital will be without buses.

A new wave of transport chaos is to be visited on the city as trade unions dig in for a 21pc hike. The Labour Court had suggested an increase of 8pc. In the meantime, the public will be caught up in a battle of wills.

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