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Wednesday 22 November 2017

Rise up against the enemy within

OUR previous week's celebration of Ireland's 'Prague Spring' was, unfortunately, somewhat premature. The original 'Prague Spring' was, of course, also short -- but an army of Soviet tanks was needed to quash the 'velvet revolution' of the Czechs. In our case all it took was two further reports into our venal public and semi-State sector to leave us wondering why we worry so much about foreign enemies when our own elites collaborate so enthusiastically in the nation's destruction.

It is becoming increasingly clear that Ireland needs to experience some form of Easter Rising against the untrammelled arrogance of a caste of top civil service and semi-State oligarchs, whose greed and indolent inability to govern or regulate has turned them into the well-heeled enemies of the people. Some will criticise Peter Nyberg's failure to name these individuals, but ironically this actually provided us with yet another example of how our top mandarins have created a poisonous golden circle of unaccountable officials.

It surely says something about the quality of our democracy that, when it comes to a public sector that resembles the sort of pedigree dogs that are only fit to lie in the sun, just two scapegoats have paid any sort of price (and received huge pensions) for their boundless incompetence.

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