Saturday 17 August 2019

Quotes of the week

"If unemployment starts to come down to 6pc and below, then you are beginning to go back into overheating territory."

The ESRI's Kieran McQuinn warns that the economy runs the risk of overheating next year on the back of a spike in residential construction.

"Somewhat reckless and, in my view, disrespectful to the House."

Fianna Fail leader Micheal Martin on introducing substantive legislation pertaining to rent certainty at the 11th hour.

"Emily was my little bird with a broken wing whom I loved, cared for and protected. Our struggle is mirrored in the lives of so many people in similar situations in Ireland. Like me, very many parents and carers of children who are disabled, struggle on a daily basis to get access to services and support systems which are very often simply not there."

Part of the statement of Offaly doctor Bernadette Scully after she was cleared of the manslaughter of her profoundly disabled daughter.

"How will Christmas dinner be different after Brexit? No Brussels."

Judged the best British Christmas cracker joke of 2016.

"She was an inspiration to all in the travel industry, particularly women. When I first started in the business she was at the height of her career and I would have hugely looked up to her. She was way ahead of her time and I will always think of her with her sunglasses on her head and what an attractive, glamorous, intelligent, bright woman she was."

Sunway's Tanya Airey on the passing of Gillian Bowler.

"This courtroom is stinking of dishonesty and is stinking of perjury today."

Judge Patrick Durcan in Ennis District Court after 15 people suspected of speeding walked away without sanction after stating in sworn evidence that they never received the fixed-charge penalty in the post.

"People think actors act the same every night. Well, this actor doesn't. I take huge inspiration from the audience."

Sir Ian McKellen.

"I'm pretty disappointed with Kanye West that he says he would have voted for Trump. I think Trump has been corrosive, his message has been corrosive to the country."

Singer John Legend, describing rapper West's meeting with the president-elect as a publicity stunt.

"He has little political experience, but, maybe, it's good."

Mikhail Gorbachev, the last Soviet leader, on US President-elect Donald Trump, adding that he had expected Hillary Clinton to win the election.

"Congrats to Mick Jagger on becoming a dad again at 73. Which reminds me - I need to pick up a pregnancy test. I am 936 weeks late."

Veteran entertainer Bette Midler, 71.

"I've never got to the bottom of streaking."

Jonathan Agnew, cricket commentator.

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