Thursday 5 December 2019

Quotes of the Week

President Michael D. Higgins and Taoiseach Enda Kenny at the Aras An Uachtarain where the Dail was dissolved. Photo: Steve Humphreys
President Michael D. Higgins and Taoiseach Enda Kenny at the Aras An Uachtarain where the Dail was dissolved. Photo: Steve Humphreys

"Brigid's Day has passed. Now the coming of spring, I must raise my sail."

- Taoiseach Enda Kenny translates a line in Irish from poet Antoine Ó Raifteiri, when announcing the dissolving of the Dail on Tuesday.

"This is not goodbye."

- Enda Kenny gives hope to Labour leader Joan Burton outside Government Buildings on Tuesday.

"Five years ago, Enda Kenny told the people of Ireland that 'Paddy likes to know'. Now he's saying that Paddy can't know. The leader of all the Paddies is Enda Kenny, and he doesn't know."

- Fianna Fail Senator Thomas Byrne attacks the Taoiseach on his capacity to answer questions on "fiscal space".

"The defendant is clearly an educated woman and does not purport to suggest she had any particular difficulty in understanding the document… It is in my view clear she has no defence."

- Mr Justice Seamus Noonan ruled Deirdre Yates, the wife of former government minister and Newstalk broadcaster Ivan Yates, had not raised an arguable defence to AIB's case and granted judgment for €1,648,147.

"Quite clearly, the Taoiseach had his own perspective on these things. If I could put it simply, he encouraged me to resign in the circumstances as they arose. That is the simple reality and fact."

- Former Minister for Justice Alan Shatter on why he stepped down in May 2014 after the findings of the Guerin Report into Garda malpractice.

"Everything's going to be all right, old boy."

- Terry Wogan's reported final words to Fr Brian D'Arcy.

"Being me is a bit like being king in a medieval court."

- Sir Elton John.

"The best birthday party I ever had was when I turned 45. I fell into my own cake and Jennifer Saunders had to pull me out."

- Comedian Ruby Wax.

"I haven't completely retired, but all I ever get offered are terrible action films. I would love to be offered something where I don't have to jump around or get shot. And there are no bangs."

- Actor Sir Roger Moore.

"I would still love to meet somebody, fall in love and marry again. I will get back to dating when I am a little less busy. Drunks, gropers and groupies need not apply."

- Jo Wood, ex-wife of Rolling Stone Ronnie Wood.

"He was a complete gentleman, far removed from the image that those who didn't know him might have had from those difficult years that marked a large part of his life. We will always remember his smile and his big heart that was always open to those around him."

- A spokesman for the Spanish town of Mojacar where Great Train Robber Gordon Goody ran a bar until his death last week aged 86.

"Even at the peak of my success, I never bought into the idea that I was this Hollywood god."

- Actor Burt Reynolds.

"We really are on the cusp of something so big, but it all doesn't matter if you don't vote. I don't care if you are feeling horrible, you have a 104 temperature, if your wife leaves you for another man, get out and vote."

- Donald Trump, the Republican hopeful for the White House before he came second in the Iowa caucus.

"So, if you're making a moving speech celebrating the lives of those who have died, it's probably not smart to wear a cleavage-busting ensemble."

- TV presenter Ulrika Jonsson criticises actress Susan Sarandon over her revealing outfit at an awards ceremony.

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