Monday 23 April 2018

Passports to confusion

IN the Dail, the Minister for Foreign Affairs is urged to find out how international assassins were able to use valid Irish passports. The question he should be asked, bluntly, is whether Mossad, the Israeli security service, is operating in this country?

To date, Mr Martin has failed to elicit any information from the Israeli ambassador, which is not surprising since it is Israeli government policy not to comment on Mossad operations. However, our own Army Intelligence should know about any Mossad activity here and indeed any al-Qa'ida people that the Israelis might have an interest in. And Army Intelligence regularly briefs the minister.

Dail deputies may ask questions until they are blue in the face; but for all the information they'll get, they might as well be asking them in the Knesset, which has ruled out any debate on last month's assassination.

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