Thursday 14 December 2017

Paris Terror Attacks: The battle for freedom goes on

European Council President Donald Tusk
European Council President Donald Tusk


On Thursday, the German Finance Minister, Wolfgang Schauble talked about the hundreds of thousands of Middle East migrants - most of them young men - coming into Europe. He said: "Avalanches can be triggered if a careless skier hits the slopes and moves a bit of snow. Whether we're already at the point where the avalanche has reached the valley floor, or whether it's still in the upper slopes, I don't know." On Friday, as the horror of the murderous Paris attacks unfolded, he must have felt he could hear an ominous rumble.

The perpetrators were supporters of those in Syria and elsewhere in that region who seek to impose a totalitarian way of life on the rest of the world no less. It is unlikely they all came from the recent influx of migrants. French security authorities have prevented numerous attacks by long-established disaffected young Muslim men, but like terrorists everywhere, they only have to get lucky once.

As with all who base their ideology on religion, they are fanatics and are convinced that their beheadings and their suicide atrocities are no worse that the bombing missions by western countries. But the difference is, whatever the political machinations of the western leaders - and there always seem to be machinations where the Middle East is concerned - at heart the West is fighting for freedom and against those who would enslave all.

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