Saturday 21 April 2018

Parents' views must be sacred in religion debate

Ruairi Quinn
Ruairi Quinn

Education Minister Ruairi Quinn has outlined his plan for how schools should begin to deal with the thorny issue of when religion is taught in our classrooms. Mr Quinn is suggesting religion classes in primary schools take place at either the beginning of the school day or at its end. This will allow children of other faiths – or of no faith – to more easily opt out of the classes, without the child feeling left out or ostracised.

It is sensible and practical to make moves in this direction and begs the question as to why schools have not already adopted this approach themselves.

It will, of course, be difficult to manage the logistics in terms of school transport and so on, but parents will welcome any attempt to ensure their children do not suffer because of religious beliefs, or the belief in no religion.

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