Monday 18 November 2019

New growth provides valuable competition

JOBS Minister Richard Bruton says the creation of new jobs will come from sharp entrepreneurs in new technology or niche markets.

Aside from rattling off the so-called new economy sectors, such as information technology, health innovation, manufacturing and premium product call centres, he cites food production as an area for growth. "Some of them are in traditional sectors like food. You don't have to be in hi-tech to be an innovative player in the space you are in and I think that's the key."

Throughout the economic downturn, the agri-food sector has been a continual shining light as the country got back to basics and realised Ireland's greatest asset was the land itself – and not how many shoebox apartments could be built on an acre.

Further good news from farming comes in the form of lucrative beef markets in the Middle East being re-opened for live cattle exports.

Aside from reaffirming the respect with which the Irish brand is held abroad, the opening of the new markets will provide valuable competition in the market.

The accusations of manipulation of cattle prices by beef processors can only wane once more outlets for cattle sales are opened up.

The political instability in Egypt, Libya and the Lebanon means there are obvious risks attached to the trade. But the rewards are also obvious.

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