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Multinational light still shining

Twitter, that communications phenomenon, plans to set up an international office in Dublin, thereby joining Facebook, Google, LinkedIn, eBay and other big names in the Irish internet hub.

It will be Twitter's third location outside the United States, "a great next step in the company's expansion".

But the significance goes wider than the company, or the jobs it will create here. When Enterprise Minister Richard Bruton hailed the plan as "a massive win" for the country, he had in mind more than the hundreds of jobs to which we can look forward.

Yesterday a subsidiary of the American games giant Electronic Arts announced plans to provide 200 jobs at a customer service centre in Galway. Former Dell employees and support companies that have started their own businesses have created 245 jobs.

In other words, amid the economic gloom the multinational light continues to shine. But more: the educated Irish young have made the "knowledge era" their own. Along with technological skill goes a uniquely valuable spirit of entrepreneurship.

To nurture and develop the hi-tech sector of our economy, it is imperative that we resist attempts to force us to abandon our 12.5pc corporate tax rate.

And another Irish attraction must not be neglected. American executives value all that is best in our environment.

We should cherish it for their sake -- and our own.