Tuesday 12 December 2017

More waffling, more dithering

MINISTERS may argue that nobody could possibly have foreseen weather like this. Some, like the Defence Minister, place the blame for the chaos squarely on the local authorities, which, he says, failed to ask for assistance. Then it is pointed out that there is an international shortage of salty grit, for which the Government is gamely competing against bigger and stronger economies.

Indeed, as the soundbites pour forth, they sound more and more like the excuses we have heard for the state of the economy. As Dublin runs out of gritting material and the ice tightens its grip on roads and footpaths around the country, we should remember that the collapse of Lehmann Brothers is to blame for it all.

The fact is, by dithering and waffling and offering utterly transparent excuses for doing nothing, the Government has again turned a good opportunity to win the confidence of the people into a public relations disaster.

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