Thursday 23 November 2017

More security measures are a small price to pay



Nobody could accuse Albert Einstein of being totalitarian but he was the ultimate realist, always looking ahead. He once said: "A world government with powers adequate to guarantee security is not a remote ideal for the distant future. It is an urgent necessity if our civilisation is to survive."

What Einstein was signalling was not a super-state, but a necessity to pool intelligence and resources in a united effort to contain threats. Clearly events in Brussels and Paris in recent months require a reappraisal of risk and danger. Shared intelligence is fundamental to this. Ireland is not immune from such attacks. The EU will shortly be reviewing counter-terrorism measures and we can expect security scanners installed at the entrances to airports. Security perimeters outside of airport arrival halls may also be introduced. We may brace ourselves for further delays and curbs on travel, but these are a small price to pay to protect life and thwart those who would wage war on civilians. Gardaí must be given every resource they need. Preparation is the key to prevention.

The unity of purpose as expressed by world leaders must be followed on through. Cooperation on surveillance and security must become the new normal.

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