Saturday 24 February 2018

More care, Mr Kenny

ONE of the critical factors in the collapse of the Celtic Tiger was the politicisation, beginning with Mr Haughey, of the Civil Service, where a culture of independent thought was replaced by a self-interested servility that reached its apotheosis in the politics of social partnership.

We are experiencing a strange school for reform under this administration should such a process be replicated within the Public Accounts Committee.

That Enda Kenny was prepared in Rome, last week, to comment so lightly on a matter of such constitutional gravity is alarming. It is past time Mr Kenny learnt that, unlike leaders of the opposition, that which Taoisigh say carries weight. Good leaders, of course, do not allow caution to exorcise all boldness from their actions. But they should not indulge in opportunistic attacks on constitutionally protected offices to scratch a partisan itch. A Taoiseach who was so enthusiastic about the morality of Caesar's wife, meanwhile, should recall her other not inconsiderable capacity for discretion. When in Rome the next time Mr Kenny; be more careful.

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