Sunday 19 November 2017

Middle Ireland poised to revolt

The most alarming aspect of this Government's dangerous flirtation with a middle-class revolt is that it appears to be inspired by apathy rather than ideology. Such is the absence of engagement with its voters, the Coalition has tried to claim the 'squeezed middle' is some media-created figary. This assuredly is not the case, for rising discontent of Middle Ireland is the natural outcome of the decision of our political elite to protect the welfare class and wealthy insiders. In contrast, the record of this Government when it comes to the up-to-now coping classes, consists of the sort of serial betrayal which can only be explained by amiable contempt.

The decision of the Coalition to outsource the consequences of the recession to one class has all the appearances of a calculated gamble that, having already paid for the consequences of a crisis generated by our still-undisturbed eternal golden circles, the squeezed middle will, having paid once via stamp duty, will pay again through property taxes, and again through water charges, and again for an unreformed public sector, and again for unreformed semi-state companies and again still through child benefit cuts, to meet the economic demands of Ireland's insider classes. Such now is the number of broken promises, it is actually difficult to count the ways the political philanderers of the Coalition have reneged on the promised 'democratic revolution'. Its record of betrayal also includes the small entrepreneur and those unemployed masses which pay each day for the decision of this Government to cherish a cabal of banks that are nothing more than an incubus on the lives of the citizens of the state.

Labour, in fairness, is partially informed by ideological factors in its decision to become an advocacy group for the public sector and a welfare class which votes for Sinn Fein. Within Fine Gael, in contrast, it appears as though a rump element appear to want little more from government than a taste of the easy life. Their decision to facilitate those objectives by axing the lifestyle of the coping classes is presumably informed by the hope that when it comes to the passive-aggressive gene of Middle Ireland, the latter trait will win out. Our history suggests they are probably right, but should the electorate revolt against a Coalition which increasingly resembles a Fianna Fail party that, even in opposition appears to be little different to Fine Gael, the voters have only one discreditable Sinn Fein alternative left. Be careful Enda, for they might take it.

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