Sunday 20 October 2019

Martin's pious posturing on Ahern's finances is a bit rich

THE sort of gall that Gerry Adams exhibits every time he revisits history would be virtually impossible to match, but – in his own small way – Micheal Martin added his tuppence worth to the art with his interview on Today FM yesterday.

According to the Fianna Fail leader, former Taoiseach Bertie Ahern still has questions to answer about his personal finances.

Mr Martin said there were still issues around funding that remain unresolved in the wake of the evidence to the Mahon Tribunal.

Last year, the Mahon Tribunal report found that Mr Ahern gave untrue evidence about the source of over IR£215,000 lodged in bank accounts connected to him.

He went on to say Mr Ahern had "let people down".

All very sensible, except that Mr Martin was appointed to – and served in – senior portfolios in each of Bertie Ahern's administrations. He sat at the top table of government for more than a decade and for him to wring his hands in such a pious manner does not bear too much scrutiny.

No one would suggest that Micheal Martin has been anything but above board in all his dealings in public life, but a cloud hung over Mr Ahern's personal finances long before the Mahon Tribunal gave its damning verdict.

Fianna Fail may be dramatically resurrecting itself from the ashes, but radio interviews like this do neither the party nor its leader any favours.

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