Saturday 17 March 2018

Lifting the lid on salary secrecy won't be easy in our closed culture


We have a culture of secrecy around salaries
We have a culture of secrecy around salaries
Richard Curran

Richard Curran

Have you ever looked at the jobs section of a foreign paper when you are abroad on holidays? Ads tend to give a pretty good indication of what the job will pay. Yet in Ireland, when you trawl job ads, it will often say 'very competitive salary' or 'great earning potential'.

In Ireland, we give away as little detail as possible when it comes to how much people get paid. It is seen as a very private thing, between the employer and the individual. Very often, employees have no idea what colleagues earn.

Why is it like this? One obvious reason is that Ireland is a small place. Advertise the pay with the job and chances are, somebody will know somebody who ends up getting that job. And they will know what they are earning.

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