Monday 11 December 2017

Life is precious - so respect road safety rules this weekend

EVEN before this weekend had properly begun, at around 2.30pm yesterday on a road in south Kildare, two people had died in a fatal road accident. By teatime on the June bank holiday Friday, the road-death toll stood at 77 people – and, very hopefully not, counting.

This is another everyday tale of family trauma and heartbreak, of squandered human potential, of avoidable tragedy. Without judging any individual, much less engaging in any potential ensuing disputes, all of us can conclude that this tragedy, like so many others, did not have to happen.

Let us re-visit a few simple guidelines for safely going on the roads at this or any time of year: drive 10km per hour slower than you would originally think to do; when you think an overtake is on, just if you push it that bit more, don't do it; utterly ignore the driver who is niggling you with flashing lights and vulgar gestures; keep an eye on all speed limits and always respect them. Let's agree two simple and basic things this bank holiday weekend, things so blindingly obvious that we too often miss them. First is that human life is at all times precious. Second is that a small bit of thought and care on the roads can honour the precious nature of human life.

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