Monday 18 November 2019

Let’s take better care of each other and avert more drownings

THE prolonged fine weather is being savoured across the country. But at the time of writing, 11 people have drowned since the beautiful fine spell kicked in. The victims have been of all ages, and they have died in a variety of swimming places from quarries to lakes and from rivers to the open sea. The net result is that 11 families have been deprived of their loved ones. Many communities have been stricken by loss.

The water safety authorities are doing their best. The emergency services are stretched to the limits of their capacity, but are prepared to do everything they can to avert calamity.

There are no easy remedies to prevent further loss of life. All we can do is appeal to everyone to be more careful and exercise more responsibility.

The Irish nation has been deprived of warmth and sunshine for such a long time that there can be no surprise at our urge to get into the open air and maximise our enjoyment. When the mercury soars, there is no greater joy than a cool dip.

But we must all take better care of ourselves and of one another. There is a huge onus on parents to exercise every influence they can. All adults must do what they can to ensure water safety.

We must avoid going swimming in places which are not usual bathing venues and stick to tried and trusted places where there is reasonable means of getting in and out of the water. Let us not ruin things with calamity.

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