Tuesday 16 January 2018

Let us hope this circus is over

Laugh, clown, laugh! The clown in the Italian opera laughed, bitterly, at himself. But Italians laughed happily and danced in the streets as Silvio Berlusconi, the ultimate clown of European politics, was driven from the office that he held so long and so disgracefully.

As he left, he said that he hoped to come back. For the sake of Italy, for the sake of the European Union, it is profoundly to be wished that he never does. He played Pagliaccio often enough. He played Napoleon. He played Don Giovanni. He must not be permitted to play Dracula.

His business and political career was amazing. So too was his personal behaviour, from the Renaissance-style ostentation to the bunga bunga parties to the coarse language about, or in the presence of, a continent's most respected men and women.

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